viernes, julio 09, 2004

Buena nueva en la STE

Bueno,al fín ha sido anunciada de manera oficial y oficiosa la creación de un nuevo smial en Granada.Contando entre sus filas con miembros de gran experiencia (dos o años o así como mucho O:))y gran renombre y prestigio en el resto de la sociedad (todos les aman).Pues para no ser menos,desde aquí les dedicó esta bella canción:


What's the matter with you?
Whatcha trying to do?
I'm wrecking my brain...I'll never get it
Did I ever hurt you in any way
If I did then hear my apology--fuck you!

I'd give anything to batter you down,
all the way to six feet under!
And why on earth should I stop
until I see your fucking ass drop

Mind your own business and leave mine alone
to take a look in the real world for a sec.
It's a hell for heroes and heaven for fools,
what makes you the luckiest bastard on earth.

In the prejudiced mind you narrow yourself in,
I'm the servant while you're the king

Til' tomorrow is a better day to be
You're better off dead than fucking with me!
What if there ain't no tomorrow
(Well let me tell you) There wasn't one today

Hey, if you like me so dare,
so, I know why I stop
and the only one step right
and it's raining flesh of death.

Como dijo el sabio,con todo el cariño del mundo O;)

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